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Title: Sehnsucht
Word Count: 1035 total
Summary: A series of shorts inspired by Rammstein’s “Sensucht”. Each one is either related to the title of the song, or I nicked some of the translated lyrics and worked them in somehow.
Rating: D’arg, PG-13? Maybe higher
Note: I feel so damn unoriginal posting this after logging in and reading Lightbulby’s gorgeous lil’ drabbling.
Disclaimer: No Star Wars, no Rammstein. Nothing for me.

Sehnsucht (Longing)

There is a time every day when I can’t stop myself from remembering your tears. When the sun begins to crawl over the distant hills, and the warm rays touch my face, I remember your pain. I suppose it’s the smuggler’s instinct to go with what you know is safe. I knew I had Leia. I didn’t know if I could ever tame you. But perhaps you weren’t as feral as I had imagined. No need to fret now. Like snow falling in the desert, our love was dead before it hit the ground. When noon hits the memory is gone. In a reverie, I am nothing, but in reality, I am longing.

Engel (Angel)

Fett tore the collar of Solo’s shirt as he threw the other man to the ground. In a flash, his blaster was out of its holster and pointed right between the trembling victim’s eyes.

“If there is any good in you, you’ll let me go.” Han whimpered.

“To be free of malice, to be free of evil?” Fett cocked his head to the side and smirked behind his mask.

“Greatness in life results in greatness after death.”

”Well then,” Boba cackled and pulled the trigger. “Thank God I don’t want to be an angel.”

Tier (Animal)

What am I to do? If only you were still here to tell me. I’m sure you’ll return, but then my self-doubt will completely consume my being. When you entered my cell the first time, growling, I could not tell the difference between your human flesh and that of an animal. It was a thrill to feel your claws on my back and your fangs in my neck. You took me with bestial fury, and now, all I feel is emptiness. You’re nothing but cold mechanics before the animal takes over. I doubt my ability to give you up.

Bestrafe Mich (Punish Me)

Don’t talk. Don’t ask. Take my hands and bind them with rope to tear my wrists. Remove my armor and peer into the organic component within. I’ve brought you misery and fear. I’ve rained destruction upon you and those you love. Nothing golden has remained untarnished in my presence. Tell me I’m nothing. Punish me, Solo, punish me for everything I’ve done to you.

Du Hast (You Have)

There is no point in asking you anything. I told you I would give the world for you. We met before I delivered you to the carbon freezing chamber, and I asked you if you’d return my affection and give everything up for me. You didn’t say anything. So I sent you of to claim my bounty, but I still feared for you. I couldn’t help but need to know if this procedure would leave you unharmed. When I caught you again, awakened by the treacherous princess, and you looked at me with foreign eyes, I said nothing as I sent you to your death. I matured alone, I fought alone, but I never wanted to die alone.

Bück Dich (Bend Down)

“Bend down.” Han’s voice was ice.

Fett sneered and spat at the feet of the other man. This was not met with amusement. The strike was unforgiving and Fett almost cried out in fear. He knew it would be unwise, and he silenced himself before he could let slip even the smallest mewl.

“I told you to bend down.”

That command tore Fett to pieces. He would not comply. He brought his face up, defiantly ignoring the warm tears that threatened to fall.

“Your face does not interest me,” Han grabbed the hunter by the hair. “Now, bend down.”

Spiel Mit Mir (Play with Me)

I thought I was in the deepest sleep, as you were. But when you slid closer to me I awakened immediately. Somnambulism. Your eyes were open but you were not there. It didn’t matter. I had a game for us to play, and the less you remembered the better. I took your hand, and you smiled at me. I returned the grin. I could play with you all night long.

Klavier (Piano)

”I didn’t know you could play, Fett.”

“I didn’t know you cared.”

With each fleeting note, the hunter faded further from Solo’s sight.

“Why wouldn’t I care?”

“Why does it matter?”

Solo held his breath.

“There’s something wrong with me, you know.”

Fett looked up and whispered, “I know.”

He then turned back to the piano and continued on with his song. His eyes fluttered closed as his hands flew over the instrument.

“I’m sorry.” Han smiled.

The blow to Fett’s skull was swift. His death was silent, apart from the clang of his lifeless form hitting the keys of the piano in front of him.

Alter Mann (Old Man)

You told me to wait for you. Fifteen years I’ve stood on the edge of reason waiting for you. The days are meaningless now. Friends and family members have come and gone, yet I always remain. I know one day you’ll come back to me. Since when is certain death so certain? I’ll wait, knee deep in sand, for you to return from hell and save me from this old man I’ve become.

Eifursucht (Jealousy)

You have it all. You’re free from these moral bonds that force death down my throat spoonful by spoonful each day. It isn’t fair that I chose life while you chose death, yet you are the one who lives. Everything you want you are free to take. You are everything I want. I want your freedom, I want your intelligence. I would leave it all behind to be you. I may seem more honest, but bite off my tongue, and I’m no different from you. Why then do you have it all?

Küss Mich Fellfrosch (Kiss Me Furfrog)

Long legs accented by the scars of a violent life. Your pale skin contrasts so beautifully against my own. We groan together in ecstasy. Eager limbs entwine as our bodies grind together in the heat of the summer’s eve. You run your hands up my back to cup the back of my head. I burn with desire.

“Kiss me.” I beg.

Sweet kisses and meaningless words. What amuses me the most about you is how much joy you get from them. And when we are one, those little kisses never cease. Tongues draw me to the outskirts of delirium, but your little kisses send me over the edge.
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