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Title: Savior
Word Count: 666 (I kid you not)
Summary: How Han really escaped the carbonite freezing.
Rating: G
Note: Reworking het scenes into slash scenes is love.
Disclaimer: Me no own no nothing. I did gots me one edumacation thoze.

As I awoke, I realized something was completely awry. My chest was constricted as if an incredible weight was crushing me against the ground on which I was sprawled. I was gasping for breath. The room I lay in must be massive, I thought, since I could not see any walls through the darkness. Stumbling, I rose to my feet and held my hands out in front of my body. I inched my way forward in search of a wall to brace myself against. My legs could hardly support my form at the moment. It was as if I had been asleep my whole life, and had risen for the first time. I eventually struck a wall, however, I wasn’t completely ready for the sudden shock and I let out a gasp of surprise as my fingers contacted the cool, metal surface. An almost silent laugh alerted me to the presence of another being in the room. I choked down my panic and strained to see in the dark. My mind raced with a million paranoid delusions at once. What sort of predator was I locked in with? Could they see better in the dark then I? Was there any hope of making it out alive?

Of course there was, the rational part of my brain declared. But the larger, irrational part of my mind cried out in fear. I opened my eyes wide, trying to take in as much light as possible but it was to no avail. The blanket of thick darkness still lay over my eyes. I reached out towards where I thought the noise had come from and swatted at empty air. Reluctantly, I moved away from the wall and lumbered blindly forward.

Again, almost too faint to hear, the laugh came and this time I barked in frustration “Who is that?”

I hadn’t expected and answer, but I had hoped for one.


And so the hours passed. I was cold and frightened, and not sure whether I was alone or not. The room seemed to be getting lighter, but it was incredibly blurry. I kept rubbing at my eyes trying to clear my vision.

”Freezing sickness.” The strong, hoarse whisper alarmed me.

”What?” I queried.

I couldn’t see who was speaking. There were several dark smudges, but none of them seemed to be even close to the right shape to be something living.

The voice spoke again, but this time, louder.

“The carbonite has left you blind. It will pass in a few hours.” There was something disturbing about the man’s voice; it lacked emotion.

“Who are you?”

Nothing but a laugh.


More time passed, and my vision had drastically improved. I could see the outline of a person move in and out of the room. Sometimes it stood at the door, sometimes it paced in front of me. I found a cot propped up in one corner and lay down on it. My mind filled with images of my friends; were they OK? The last thing I could remember was being torn from my Leia’s arms. Now, all I could think of was how I would make this up to her. I no longer feared for myself. I now feared that I would not survive and in the end, leave Leia all alone. She was my one and only.

The figure entered the room one last time and hoisted me up by the back of my shirt. I mumbled and swung my fists wildly, but a strong arm restrained me. I was lead through a corridor and down a ramp. I winced as the light level increased ten fold. The next thing I knew I was face down in sand. I turned to face up towards where I had fallen from. The figure was there, standing tall and unmoving.

”You’re free.” The cold voice muttered.

“But,” I was incredibly relieved to be free, but I had to ask, “Please, tell me who you are.”

”Someone who loves you.”


"Whatever, I was involved in a drive by, whatever!"
"Whatever, I digitally edited Jabba the Hutt back into A New Hope. Whatever, I do what I want!"
"Wow! That really IS out of control!"

<3 South Park
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Last. Line. <3

666 words?!?! *hides* Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun...
Yay! I also love the last line, heh.

I did the word check and giggled like mad. Then I asked Satan why he could manipulate my fics to do his evil will, but wouldn't buy my soul for a date with Stuart Townsend :(
Han likes Leia? Naw...
Boba is his one true love!
except his blaster
Ok, we'll assume Leia is code for overly effeminate bad-ass bounty hunter :)

Deleted comment

G'aww, luv! I'm impressed with my own speed actually, hehe. As I type this, I'm actually taking a break from another fic I'm in the middle of! I'm gonna cook me some burrrrito, then get right back on it.