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For 30enemies

Title: Seven Sins (why yes I'm terribly original, thank you)
Author: Lightbulby
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars and I make no claims to it.
Theme: 7. Seven Sins
Fandom: Star Wars
Anti-Pairing: Boba Fett vs. Han Solo
Rating: 13+
Summary: Han and Fett have yet another confrontation.
Warnings: It's weird?
Word Count: Seven micro-fics of 25 words each. 175 words total.


Fett was the best and he knew it. He had been the one to track down and capture the prey.

He had captured the best.


A mere 15 thousand? He knew he was worth more. He was the best pilot in the galaxy.

Han was worth at least 25 thousand.


He had a successful hunt. The prey had been worth a small fortune.

Fett figured he could at least treat himself to some real food.


He had worked hard for the past week. Wasn’t he allowed the chance to sit back and just enjoy himself?

Han earned a day off.


That undeserving bastard seemed to have it all. Luck. Skill. Attitude. Worst of all, he had friends he could trust.

Fett had no-one to trust.


He was pissed. All he wanted was a chance to relax and that son of a bitch ruined everything.

Han was going to kill Fett.


They both saw the other. They both wanted to kill the other.

They both felt the urge to spill the other’s blood onto the floor.
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